What People Say About AIC

Comments from Executive MBA Capstone Courses-The courses used AIC to integrate the whole MBA experience.


I am very intrigued with the way this class is progressing. While the other courses we have had over the last two years have been informative; this is the first course that is matching my initial expectations for an MBA-level education. I have already applied-both internally and externally to SAIC-some of the concepts that we have been examining and I am clearly doing so with more understanding than I had in the past.

S.G., Vice President


The best things for me have been to be able to think 'big picture', broad and free on the issues. This has normally been my thought process, but with AIC process it has provided a little more structure. I believe that the AIC process is one that I will apply to various aspects of my life. I actually find that utilizing AIC removes stress...puts things into perspective!

Margaret L. Staples


You know I use that (AIC very often in my training. I always get people to ponder on their zones of control, either in their work or personal life and get them to look at how they can increase the C zone, or shift issues from the A and I zone by their actions, promotions, persuasions, etc. Or to determine what action they will take based on the location of the issue in the A, or I or C zone. It is such a useful and logical tool. It is one of those pocket concepts that can really guide your approach to effective action planning.

Jennifer Maynard


I think this kind of (AIC) exercise would be enlightening for just about anything-from individual to small business to large corporation.

K.F., Project Director