What People Say About AIC

From Organizational Science Courses-Focus on Leadership, Organizational and Global Transformation


This class was amazing...I enjoyed what I learned and can apply it to every aspect of my life. There are not many classes you could say that about. I would love to have a PhD in this program with an emphasis in this particular class.

Maya Bristow


I think that the beauty of AIC is that it really is applicable to life. As you can see from my progression through the semester, my entire life changed over the course of the semester. I can truly say that I am in a wonderful place!

Jocelyn Powers


I know personally that I am no longer looking at specific problems and trying to find the single best solution-my approach to solving problems is at a much higher more integrated level... This kind of approach would certainly change my point of view in an exercise like identifying priority areas for my company. I think my "Ah Hah!" moment is approaching.

Kimberly Farkas


I'm Director of a software engineering department with a $10,000,000 budget. I used the Appreciation, Influence and Control (AIC) philosophy, model and process to manage my transition into a new job. In the span of a week people immediately were able enlarge their perception from what they controlled to what they could influence and appreciate. Within six months we had made significant improvements. We found new ways to balance the emphasis on quality and quantity. We demonstrated, for example, how greater attention to quality at the beginning of the software design process could save $400 for every dollar spent on quality.

Bill Sutherland


Through the course of the past year, as I have applied my further overall maturation to my life, my view has started to shift as to what light I saw my wife in. She was not just "my wife". She is her own person who chose to marry and have children with me. Where I never gave that a second thought before, I now am moved almost to tears by the commitment shown. I would have never done this without trying to focus on the A or I in AIC. This appreciation I have for my wife and this equal footing I now see her on has truly influenced our changing relationship. As my journey with my family progresses I hope to add on to my newfound understanding the grace of wisdom.

Nate Vogel