These three Advanced Maps add another level of understanding to those of the Individual and Group maps. They illustrate how the core principles of complementarity and fractal organization that are behind the construction of the maps contribute to the results.

The information enables coaches trainers and facilitators and researchers to:

  • Gain deeper insight and give richer feedback to their clients.
  • Help clients recreate their profile based on their own interpretations and insight
  • Compare results over time and interpret changes.
  • Modify profiles for application to special groups or professions. 

Purpose Map

  • Adds information on subconscious purpose as basic instincts, emotions and motives and shows you how to use this information over time for development purposes.
  • Gives more detailed descriptions of each ideal, value and goal and how they relate to your subconscious.
  • Gives feedback on your degree of stress, how that may affect your results and what you can do about it.
  • Suggests strategies, materials and events for practical application.

Power Map

  • Shows you how your power increases exponentially in five dimensions. It illustrates a progression of development though all five dimensions and how each contributes to your profile.
  • Shows how you can leverage your power by understanding complementary power. It illustrates each dimension of your power and the role complements play.
  • Walks you through each of the five dimensions and pulls together for you the implications for you of the subconscious and complementary powers operating in each dimension—and what that means for you.

Leadership Map

  • Uses the insights from information on your dimensions of power to add insight to your approach to leadership.
  • Creates a map of your leadership potential drawn by adjusting your actual profile to make equal use of appreciative, influence and control means.
  • Develops a list of recommendations based on this Potential Map that enables you to leverage your leadership potential with the least possible expenditure of energy.