An Appreciation of Your Purpose Power and Leadership

The purpose of the Introductory Map is appreciative. It is an open and free invitation to explore the subconscious image that guides your life. The pathways this map explores are those that lead to your purpose, power, and your approach to leadership. The exploration covers the directions given to you by your genetic heritage, your cultural background and family experience. The Individual and Advanced Maps add deeper dimensions of understanding and reveal ways you can influence and control progress on your journey

The Map takes less than five minutes to complete. It produces a report that illustrates how:

  • Our purpose consists of ideals, values and goals and gives our preference for each.
  • Each level of purposes creates a different kind of power: appreciation, influence and control (A, I and C).
  • Our purpose and power produce a unique pattern of preference that determines our capacity to achieve our purpose.
  • These powers create highly leveraged links between us, others and our world that become our approach to leadership.

The Map also serves as a base for more advanced Maps and Mapping processes. Your completion of the Free Introductory Map gives all the information required to produce the more advanced Maps. There is no need to repeat the Mapping process to obtain them.

Individual Map

Influencing your Purpose Power and Leadership

We can think of the Introductory Map as the three-dimensional structure of our purpose, power and leadership. The Individual Map adds a fourth dimension which accounts for how we can influence our purpose, power and leadership through our choice of means in different space and time frames. It provides a more dynamic picture and a deeper understanding of AIC relationships. It shows how:

  • Your selection of means to achieve your purpose is influenced by your subconscious anticipation of how people will react to you.
  • Time affects what you can control, influence and appreciate. Each of the three powers is governed by a different kind of time.
  • Space—that is, different environments—also affects your choice of means and your use of the three powers.
  • You can use all of this information to leverage your leadership as your engagement with others and your contribution to the common good.

If you know you are completing the Map with three or more people and would like a Group Map then complete the Group Map instead of this individual Map.


Individual Map Retake

After some time period, e.g., after a development program or some significant change in your life, it is helpful to retake the Map. This Retake version of your Map helps you to compare the changes in your older Map and relate them to the development process or changes that have occurred in your life.